What I know about myself is that my decision-making capacity at any given moment is limited. I’ve started seeing my capacity as a knapsack.

Then I put anything I need to decide in one of the three imaginary buckets: Small, Medium, and Large. The definition of each size is very subjective. For me, for example:

  • Small: Tea or coffee? Which cloth to wear today?
  • Medium: Which cloth to buy? Which restaurant to go to?
  • Large: Accepting a job offer, buying a house or a car

Over the first few months, I observed how I dealt with decisions and got a grasp of my decision-making knapsack capacity. Although my knapsack capacity changes under different circumstances (pressure, stress, …) but not significantly. I know, for example, at any given moment, I can deal with:

  • 2 small + 1 medium
  • Or two medium
  • Or one large

But not more. If the knapsack is full, I take out (decide or put off) some stuff first and only then I put in the new stuff, as long as it does not exceed the knapsack’s capacity.

Keep it simple though to avoid ending up with a hard Knapsack Problem :)